How to Measure Time, Distance, and Weight

You should make yourself familiar the common measurement unit and estimate in terms of these units. Topics for this section is extensive, so do not rush it. Begin with measuring units and then recognize the standard units that are used to measure the units.


  1. Fill with cups. Fill a cup with water and have the student fill a small pot, a jug, a water bottle, etc. with the cups of water. The student will record the amount of cups needed to fill each utensil.
  2. How many claps it took? Determine and write in your notebooks the answer to this question: How long did it take you to wash a plate after you eat. Have someone clap, jump, or stomp their feet to determine how long it took you to wash the plate. She will clap from the beginning of the activity until the end. How much claps/jump/,stomps did it take to wash a plate? You can also try this activity with other task, such as folding your bed sheet, watering a plant, brushing your teeth, and washing your hands.
  3. Do you know what time it is? Using a clock, ask the child: “What time it is?” The child should respond: “It’s _______ o’clock in the morning/afternoon/evening.”
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  1. Time Measurement
  2. The Metric System
  3. Weight and Mass
  4. Distance


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