How to Calculate and Measure Mass and weight



Different objects have different capacity. Capacity is the quantity of liquid a container can hold. You can compare the capacity of one container to another.

Below, this tub has the capacity of 5 bucketsful. This implies that the capacity of a bucket is less than the capacity of a tub.

So a container can be half, twice or many times the capacity of another container.

Activity 1: Find 5 different containers and compare the capacity of each.

Measures of mass:

1 kg = 1000 g

Compare and Contrast

Sometimes you need to compare the mass of two items in order to make a decision? Your understanding of conversion will help you do this task.

Which is heavier?

Look at the following pictures. Can you tell which is heavier by watching it? Do this activity with your parents or teacher.

Can you estimate the mass of some of the above items?


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