The Best Learning Resources for children

Teachers and parents can use the following help-aids and manipulatives for learning and to develop a umber of basic skills in the student. These learning resources make learning fun as well. Here are a list of learning resources recommended for the elementary student.

Learning Resources

A fire tablet
A tablet helps children explore learning and a a great way to expose children to technology. There are also a number of learning apps that can be added to aid in learning many subjects such as Maths, Phonics, Grammar, Languages, etc. We suggest you buy protective cases to protect the tablet if it ever falls. The latest fire tablet is Fire 10 tablet. Click here for more information on this learning resource.

Our favourite is Melissa and Doug’s abacus with colourful beads to help children develop their math, counting, and logical thinking skills. Click here for more information on this learning resource.

Magnifying Glass
Magnifying glasses will be quite useful not only for reading but for ease of observation. Chosse magnifying glasses that has glasses that will not slip of its frame easily, and will not shatter if it falls. A magnifyiing glass can make learning fun and interesting inside and outside a home and school. Click here for more information.

Whiteboard Dry Erase Board
The dual dry erase and cork board serves as a teachng aid and an organiser at once. Most can be easily mounted on a wall. The cork side does not retain holes from pins. Make sure to use only whiteboard markers on your board.

Pencil Grips
A pencil penil grip helps the child learn to to hold the pencil correctly. Most are erogonic and therapeutic as it can help ease pain while it trains and improve handwriting. The pencil grip gives the writer a lot of comfort and can still be used for daily writing. Penci grips can also be used on on some paint brushes as well. Teachers can buy these in bulk for their class as well.

Letters and Numbers Set
Brightly coloured letters and numbers help the prescholler and primary school student to learn the upper and lower case alphabet, number sets, and math symbols. The set allows the teacher to teach sorting, colours, early literary skills, and math skills. teaches sorting. The set below is from Melissa and Doug and made of wood. These are alos magnetic. Click here for more information.

Preschool Reading Learning Resources

Wooden blocks are an exceptional choice to help the preschooler and early elementary student develop stacking, sorting and word recognition. Choose blocks that are safe for children to play with. This is also a terrific option for screen-free time fun. Click here for more information on wooden blocks from Melissa and Doug.

Blocks are perfect with flash cards as well. You can begin with a pack with sight words for the different levels. The child can use the blocks for a greater involvement in learning. Another option is the short reading blocks that come with the flash cards and a wooden stand. Click here for more information.

The flash cards below are ideal to help the student learn to write the alphabet as well. This combo includes word puzzle flash cards. The set has an additional flash cards for addition and subtraction. Click here to learn more.

learning resources
Melissa and Doug Wooden blocks
learning resources

An ABC letter sorting board is terrific to help the preschooler learn the alphabet, letter sound, and the sequence of the alphabet. A number of games can be easily created for the child’s enjoyment. Click here for more information.

Board Games ↗

A two-in-one game board is loaded with lots of fun for the whole family. Plus, it is a great way for children to practice counting and develop their hand and eye coordination.

reading rods ↗

The student can develop their word building skill and learn to spell with these rods. The blue blocks are consonants and the red are the vowels. There are also blank cubes. The cubes come in upper and lower case letters.

Lego ↗

Lego blocks are a great way to encourage children to get creative while they learn colours, sorting skills, and counting skills. They develop their hand and eye-cordination and mental capacity.

Math Manipulatives

Cuisenare rods are made to make math fun and engaging. It enables hands on learning. The rods helps the student learn colour, patterns, and make sense of basic math skills such as decimals, fractions, area and perimeter, equivalence, patterns, counting and sorting, etc. (click here to learn more about these activities).

Another hand to mind learning manipulative are base ten blocks. These blocks provide kids with fun way to learn number concepts, place value, operations, measurement, square numbers, addition and subtraction, and logical thinking. They help the elementary student master basic math skills early. Read more here.

Place value mats allow the student the space to count the cubes and rods. It is also perfect for learning and teaching small groups.

Geometric solids are enjoyable manipulatives for students to learn more about solids, shape, volume, and properties. These solids also come in bold colours and can be filled with liquid.

Geoboards help students understand area and perimeter. It can be used to encourage creativity and fun while learning. Students can also develop their fine motor, visual skills for students whe are struggling to improve their gasp. Learn more about geoboards here.

Pattern blocks are a wonderful educational tool for geometry. The students can learn the name of shapes and colour. It can be used as a teaching aid and hands on learning tool for patterns and sequencings and reflection. The student can create their own tangram designs as well. Some pattern blocks come with picture cards the student can build on their own. Click here for more information.

Geometric solids are perfect for the student to understand volume, size, and shape. The student will enjoy naming the solids, indicating the numbers of sides, points (vertices), edges for the various solids. Click here for more information.

A Teaching Resource – How to tell the time

These treaching clocks help the visual and tactile learners learn to tell the time. The clocks are easy to read. This clock is perfect for homeschooling. A smaller clock can be used in schools.

Pico Plat

Handwriting Workbooks

This series of “My Handwriting of Sight Words“ is five activity-packed workbooks designed to help children of all ages to learn to read, spell, and write the Dolch sight words. The books include a variety of fun, interactive exercises, games, and activities to keep kids engaged and motivated as they work their way through the book. With tracing and writing practice, handwriting drills, puzzles, and an array of pictures, children will gain valuable skills in forming letters, recognizing and correcting errors and mastering the most commonly used sight words. My Handwriting of Sight Words provides a helpful and enjoyable way for children to practice their handwriting, as well as improve their reading and spelling.

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This series centers around the Dolch sight words from pre-kindergarten to grade 3. Plus, it contains everything you need to introduce sight words to your child. There are worksheets, activities, flash cards, lists, and pages to help with letter recognition, phonetics, and spelling. This workbook won’t just teach kids how to spell sight words; it will teach kids to see words. It will take the frustration out of learning sight words.

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