Updated: March 21, 2020

Studyassistant.org is a free online learning resource at the elementary level of education for student especially in the Caribbean. The website offers a number of lessons and quizzes that can help the student improve their grades and become independent learners.

Our Goals

We, the developers of this site, are teachers as well. Our background is in teaching and we love to see children learn. Thus, our main goal is to ensure all students, no matter their background, can access the necessary information to help them learn within a safe environment conveniently, and with little expenses on their parents’ part.

We also want to see more parents involved in their children’s education. We believe parents should be involved and know what is being taught to their children. As for teachers, we hope this site will help them deliver a more rewarding learning experience to those in their charge.

What This Site Offers

This online learning resource offers a number of courses and worksheets that that is within the elementary curriculum.

Course offered:

ELA and Mathematics

Presently, the site has an English Language and Mathematics elementary program. You will notice these two courses are updated often so as to make the learning experience online more enjoyable and complete.

We must mention that the English Language Arts section was done mindfully to encourage proper thought and moral behaviour. The teachers and parents will notice the readings include a moral lesson. (The developers are also parents and found that many children were in want of this aspect in their education.)

Both the ELA and Mathematics courses progress from basic the complex. The level and age of the child will determine how fast they go through each lesson. The lessons can be tailored for the child.

Students Learn to Type

While developing the earlier courses, we noticed students would better use this site, and other sites like this, more efficiently if they knew the keys on their keyboard. So, a typing course for students were included in this site. Typing is important for today’s world and we believe the child should start as soon as interest is shown.

A student who learns to type early will have many advantages in learning, and later on in higher education and at work. The student will find completing the exercises online a whole lot easier and faster; and this benefit will roll out into the real world. The student would now enjoy communicating online with friends and family, and typing up their own letters would be a whole lot easier.

This skill is indeed a wonderful boast for the child’s self-esteem! We thus encourage all users of this website to learn to type as early as possible. Schedule as little as 15 minutes a day; and within the first month you will notice the ease of typing, especially typing the answers for some of the questions here on this site.

VCCE and Art and Craft

We have other course content necessary for the student to cover at the elementary level: VCCE and Art and Craft activities. The VCCE sections are articles posted on the blog side. The VCCE articles encourage lively discussions with the student and their teacher or parent. The art and craft section will be updated often to encourage the student’s creative side.

General Science

We have completed the General Science section. This section is built in such a way to help the students explore science actively and visually. It is meant to grow the student’s interest in this field and show them the possibilities of science in their life.

In development

At this moment, are working on other subject areas as well. The Social Studies and Agricultural Science are still to be completed. Though you will get a number of topics under Social Studies, there is still much to be added there. Nevertheless, you will be able to view the completed topics and exercises as they are posted. Other subjects, such as Spanish and Agricultural Science, will be added over time. Check out our updates to see when they are completed.


Thus, you can see that this site has many advantages for the student who use our online learning resource center. The student would become more familiar with the keyboard; perform more and more task with the use of the keyboard, and their thinking and logic will improve. This is a terrific and easier way to help students prepare for the world of work with little stress.

Finally, you must use the site to enjoy these benefits. So, go ahead and click on the links to learn more about the site. We certainly hope you would regularly utilize this site and share your experience with others. Also, leave us a comment or suggestion every now and then. Send us an email or contact us.

We welcome any questions, comments, and suggestions.

Please note:

Parents are advised to assist their young one while they go through the lessons and exercises. Some more mature children will be able to use this site on their own. Take your child’s level of understanding and independent learning into consideration as you help your child become a better student and learner.

The site will be updated regularly. We reserve the right to remove users from the site who do not have a recognizable email address. To ensure that your user account is not cancelled, please complete the registration form using recognizable email addresses such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. Don’t forget you have to click the courses and enroll in order to be able to access the content.