Studyassistant.org is a free online learning resource for students at the elementary level of education for student especially in the Caribbean. The website offers a number of lessons and quizzes that can help the student improve their grades and become independent learners. Presently, the site has a complete English Language program. At this moment, the Mathematics program is almost complete. Other subjects will be added over time, including a typing course for the elementary students.

This site has other advantages for the student who use this online website resource center. The student would become more familiar with the keyboard. As students perform more and more task with the use of the keyboard, their thinking and logic improve. This is a terrific way to help students prepare for the world of work easier and with little stress.

We hope you would regularly utilize this site and share your experience with us and others.

We welcome any questions, comments, and suggestions.

Please note:

Parents are advised to assist their young one while they go through the lessons and exercises.

The site will be updated regularly.