Throwing, Catching and Striking Techniques

Catching and throwing requires your motor skills. With practice, you improve these skills.


1.Find a throwing object, such as a beach ball or bean bag. You are throwing for distance and velocity (speed), not accuracy. Throw the object as hard and as far as possible. Throw the object against the wall or on a large field.

Note: Do not do both throwing or catching activities at the same time.

1. Find an object, such as a balloon, fleece ball, beach ball, foam balls. Look at the throwing object. Get ready to catch the object. Also, don’t forget to try to catch bounce object off the floor.

Note: Select a striking activity from the link below.

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An Underhand Throw Activity

The objective is to throw an object towards a target using an underhand throw. That objective should not be one that away. It can be a brightly coloured beanbag, spider ball, sock ball, or even a paper ball.  These objects should not roll, but stop where they are tossed. The target could be a basket or a bucket. You will then mark four to five spots from which you will throw the object. These spots will be at varying distances from the target. Mark these spots with an “X” with a tape or chalk.

Now with a throwing arm, reach back and swing your arm forward and toward your target. Step forward with the opposite foot. Continue throwing towards the target. It is good practice to use a stopwatch or interval music to count down and signal when the practice begins and ends.

Here is a demonstration of an underhand throw.