Greeting Someone

You start greeting people from the time you wake up when you say “Good morning.” In school, you interact with your peers daily and you are expected to greet them as part of goodwill. You say “hello” to them. This simple act shows that you acknowledge their presence. If you fail to greet someone, that person could possibly feel hurt, or that person could wrongly interpret the meaning of your silence.

 Now, it is expected you would greet with courtesy and respect. You do this when you greet someone when passing by. You can also courteously greet the cashier at the local supermarket, your teacher, the canteen attendants, a parent while you are waiting in class. However, pay close attention to the way you greet others. You don’t want to look impolite.

Greeting with Gestures

You can also greet others using gestures, such as a smile, nod or a wave, with a “good morning”. Of course if you are wearing a mask, you have to make use of a wave, a nod, and even a simple bow.

Formal Greeting

You say: “Hello Sir,” to your teacher. The formality is necessary. The tone of voice and posture should also be pleasant and genuine. You must also rise to greet someone who just entered the room. This is a show of respect for people older than you, such as a teacher, the principal, a religious leader, or a person of high social rank.

Sometimes you have to respond to questions. You should expect tough questions sometimes. Therefore, you should try to organize your thoughts and how you might answer the questions. Always take a pause before you respond to questions. Don’t rush to answer! Spend time to organize you thoughts.

Be careful with body language and remember you some nonverbal cues could make you look bad. Some of these are rolling eyes, and sucking of teeth (steups). If you are in class, nod, do not cross your hands.  

Saying Thank You

As greeting is important, so is saying “thank you”.

When do you say thank you?

  • When someone responds to your question.
  • When someone responds to your request.
  • When someone help you get something.


What would you think if someone respond by rolling their eyes when you say “hello”?

What would you think if your friend ignores you when you wave at him or her?

Demonstration: In class, present yourself, talk about your hobby and answer some questions from your classmates.