Examples of Supporting Details in sentences

This is an activity for the entire class. Everyone is expected to contribute a sentence to the development of this paragraph. At the end of the week, the best sentences will be chosen to complete the paragraph. This activity will be concluded in class.

Note: Do indicate which picture you are writing for.

Use the topic sentence for each picture to write supporting details. Each student are expected to contribute at least 3 supporting sentences for each topic.

This is what we have:

Picture 1:

Topic Sentence:

Some boys, playing near a pond, saw a number of frogs in the water and began to pelt them with stones.

Supporting Details:

The boys found it quite funny to see the frogs dodge the pellets. How terrifying it was for the frogs! This went on for a while, until one of the frogs hopped up on Jim, causing them to scream and run away.


The boys never return to disturb the frogs in the pond again.

Picture 2

Topic 2:

Topic Sentence

Fifi likes to run up quietly to the heels of everyone he meets to bite them without notice.

Supporting Details

He is a very naughty and sneaky dog, who does not like strangers. That is why we always have to put Fifi in his kennel whenever we have a visitor.


Fifi definitely needs a trainer.

16 Replies to “Examples of Supporting Details in sentences”

  1. Micah Jurawan says:

    picture 2.
    Fifi is a very quiet dog.
    He is a very naught and sneaky dog.
    Fifi does not like stranger.

  2. jaheem joseph says:

    fifi is my pet dog. he’s a grate guard dog and alert us when someone comes to the gate. But before you can let anyone in the yard. Fifi has to be put back in his kennel because he will sneak up and bite you on the heel.

  3. Mikail Octave says:

    I think Fifi is very naughty dog because he sneaks up to people and bites them and that’s why I think Fifi is a bad bad bad dog an I think he should be chaind up all day and not at night

  4. Kai Davis says:

    One day when i was walking down the street a dog chased me and bit my foot. The next day he chased me down. People came to save me but this time blood came out of my foot

  5. Marvin says:

    First ,Fifi my dog is the best dog. I love to play everywhere with him .Yesterday he attacked a frog and the frog jumped when he saw me. I got scared as well.After 2 years I saw him at my front door then he became my pet . I love my pets since. Now I play with them everywhere. Last ,life lesson never treat pets dumb they are smart too.They love you in anyway . The End

  6. Jaciah Williams says:

    picture 2 fifi is a bad dog fifi like to bite a lot of boys and grils

  7. Jaciah Williams says:

    picture 1 Me and some people want to the pond and saw some frogs and some boys began to pelt them with stones

  8. Akiel Richardson says:

    Fifi is a very good dog.
    He bites strangers if he Does not know them.
    Because i trained him to attack people that’s not welcome.

  9. Jalon Joseph says:

    pic 1 Some children were walking they see frogs jumping and they begin to pelt them. they jumped because they were afraid.

  10. Jalon Joseph says:

    pic 2 FiFi is a bad dog. He is very sneaky. He likes to crawl up on people in the road he looks quite but as We pass he comes up to you quitely and Bite you.

  11. Leonardo Sylvan says:

    Picture 1

    It was dark and three boys where in the woods walking. Gazing around they saw a pond full with frogs. As they were about to pelt the frogs one hopped up on Jim causing them to screamed and ran away.

    Picture 2

    One day as John was walking to work. He was approached by an angry dog. The dog began to growl at him causing him to run. The dog eventually caught up to him and grab onto his leg ripping away at his pants and biting him on his leg.

  12. Zion Morton says:

    picture 1 : When I was going out to fish I saw a frog hopping to my direction, and then I shout and say hey, and then he hop away. The next day he came back hopping my way and I saw bugs on the floor so I grab one and I raise my hand up and he ate it.

  13. Aidan abdool says:

    One day, Mr Padilla was walking home when suddenly, his pet dog wifi ran up and bit him at his heel angrily.

  14. Aidan abdool says:

    One day, Mr Padilla was walking home when suddenly, his pet dog wifi ran up and bit him at his heel angrily. Picture 2

  15. Eli Blake says:

    Picture 2: fifi is a cheaky dog he is soo sneaky he will bite your heal without you knowing. he’s my pet dog but I need to keep him in my hands not in his hands he likes to bite on bones,sweaky toys The sweaky toys make him feel like he got a target and he feels like he got a jackpot and bam he feels like he’s better than enemies.

  16. Jaylon Thomas says:

    picture 2: Fifi is a dog in my neighbour-hood. She likes to bite at your heel. On my way to school this morning I throw a stone at fifi behind her gate and I started to laugh when it hit her. On my way back from school, who could be waiting outside her gate was miss fifi. I was so frightened i started to run and cry for my mommy, but fifi was faster than me and she bit my heel. From that day I never provoked another dog or fifi again.

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