3D Object Project

What is a 3D object?

A 3D object is an object that is 3 dimensional; it has height, width and depth.

3D Shapes

The Project 1

The basic idea of this project is to use any 3D shape, such as a cuboid, to make something that is 3 dimensional.

You will need the following supplies:

  1. coloured paper (the amount will depend on the size of your object),
  2. cardboard,
  3. glue,
  4. tape,
  5. stapler,
  6. popsicle sticks and
  7. scissors.

You can also make use of flat shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles for your sculpture. You can also make use of paper shaped to looked like curls or spirals, accordion foils, and fringes.

Use your knowledge of 3D shapes such as: cuboid, cube, sphere, cone, pyramid, and cylinder) to create a robot, make a house, a lighthouse, or a car, etc. Don’t forget to decorate and colour your sculpture.

At the end of the term you will be asked to showcase your creation in class. You will also be expected to name the solids you used. So choose well, and remember to write down your ideas. I look forward to seeing your creative side. I have included some ideas below. Use them as a guide. You don’t have to copy them.


The Project 2: A Boat

Construct a 3-D model of a boat by sticking or gluing various sculptural materials including coconut shells, fabric, sticks, paper, straws, string, etc. together. You can choose to use more than one type of material to make your boat. This project would be shared by students in the class. Each student will be expected to describe and explain how they built their boat.

View examples below:

  1. Make with a cardboard:

2. With household items

3. With popsicle sticks