Reading Worksheets for elementary students



Each reading lesson begins with vocabulary words, followed by the description of a picture (if any) related to the lesson’s reading exercise. The lesson consists of printed text for reading and sometimes worksheets for reading or copying.

The reading method is adapted to the Phonic Method and the Word Method, or a combination of the two. The Phonic Method of reading focuses on the sounds of the spoken language phonemes, and the letters or groups or syllables. This Method teaches children to pair sounds with letters and blend them together to master the skill of decoding. Whereas, the Word Method teaches kids to read by sight, and memorization is encourage though repeat exposure to the written form of a word.

The lesson begins with two or three letters words and gradually move into more difficult ones as the pupil gains aptness in the mastery of words. A proper gradation has been carefully preserved. All new words are placed at the head of each lesson, to be learned before the lesson is read. Their number in the early lessons is very small, thus making the first steps easy. All words in these vocabularies are used in the text immediately following.

We suggest that the student copy each “slate” in their copybooks during the lessons for review. Students can also make use of the lessons on Dolch words for daily practice.

Reading Worksheets

Reading Lesson Worksheets

Letters and Words

The Alphabet

Alphabet Train

Alphabet and Words – Letter B

Alphabet and Words – Letter C

Alphabet and Words – Letter E

Alphabet and Words – Letter F (1)

Alphabet and Words – Letter F (2)

Alphabet and Words – Letter H

Alphabet and Words – Letter I

Alphabet and Words – Letter P

Alphabet and Words – Letter R

Alphabet and Words – Letter S

Alphabet and Words – Letter T

Alphabet and Words – Letter U

Alphabet and Words- Letter V

Alphabet and Words – Letter W

Alphabet and Words – Letter X

Alphabet and Words – Letter Y (1)

Alphabet and Words – Letter Y (2)

Reading Lessons

Reading Lesson – Sounds

Reading Lesson – c Sound

Reading Lesson – soft c sound

Reading Lesson – hard c sound

Reading Lesson – ch Sound

Reading Lesson – ck Sound

Reading Lesson – ick Word family

Reading Lesson – long e Sound

Reading Lesson – Short vowel e and o Sound

Reading Lesson – fl and sl Blends

Reading Lesson – g Sound

Reading Lesson – ll Sound

Reading Lesson – k Sound

Reading Lesson – ng sound

Reading Lesson – Long o Sound

Reading Lesson – n Sound

Reading Lesson – nk Sound

Reading Lesson – u Sound

Reading Lesson – sh Sound

Reading Lesson – sk- ck- and -sw

Reading Lesson – sp Sound

Reading Lesson – sta, th Sounds

Reading Lesson – sta, vowel Sounds

Reading Lesson – t Sound

Reading Lesson – th Sound

Reading Lesson – tr Sound

Reading Lesson – CVC sight words

Reading Lesson – wh Sound

Reading Lesson – wp diagraphs

Reading Lesson – y sound

Reading Lesson – Review 1

Early Reading

Reading Comprehension

Welcome to the Reading section of Study Assistant. Again, all new words are given at the head of each lesson. When these are mastered, the main difficulties left for the pupil are those of expression. Here the readings are prose and poetry. The student will need frequent drills, so as to correct vicious habits of pronunciation and also to strengthen the vocal organs. Thus, much focus is given on pronunciation and speed of enunciation.

Reading Lessons 8

Reading Lessons 9

Reading Lesson 10

Reading Lesson 11

Reading Lesson 12

Continue practicing.

Online Reading Lessons PDFs:

  1. Learn to read 1
  2. Learn to read 2 – letters and words
  3. Learn to read 3
  4. Learn to read 4
  5. Learn to read 5: Reading Words and sentences
  6. Learn to read 6
  7. Learn to read 7
  8. Learn to read 8
  9. Reading Lesson 9
  10. Reading Lesson 10
  11. Reading Lesson 11
  12. Reading Lesson 12
  13. Reading Practices