Reading Comprehension Lesson 11


Lesson 3.51

thoroughly, month, dried, dyed, cuts, shearer, sheep, those, spun, dirt, other, wise, woven, cloth, wool, rub

Man is shearing sheep.


Sheep are washed and sheared some time in the month of June. This should be done quite early in the month, before the hot days begin. It is fine sport for those who look on, but not much fun for the sheep.

It is best for the sheep to have the wool taken off; otherwise they would suffer in the summer time. When the time comes for washing the sheep, they are driven to a pond or a little river.

Then they are thrown into the water, one at a time. The men who are in the water catch them, and squeeze the wet wool with their hands to get the dirt all out of it.

Then the wool is thoroughly dried, the sheep are taken to the shearer; and he cuts off the wool with a large pair of shears. It is then dyed, spun, and woven into cloth. In a short time, before the cold winter comes, new wool grows out on the sheep. By the coming of spring there is so much, that it must be cut off again.


Lesson 3-51 Word Puzzle

Reading Lesson – Sheep Shearing


Word List

bearers, earth, warm, sultry, wander, rays, grain, clouds, o’er, we’re


“Clouds that wander through the sky,
Sometimes low and sometimes high;
In the darkness of the night,
In the sunshine warm and bright.
Ah! I wonder much if you
Have any useful work to do.”

“Yes, we’re busy night and day,
As o’er the earth we take our way.
We are bearers of the rain
To the grasses, and flowers, and grain;
We guard you from the sun’s bright rays,
In the sultry summer days.”



Reading Lesson – The Clouds


Word List

people, forest, squirrel, cool, nearest, tame, hollow, snug, shoulder, miles, sticks, gently, though, Patty


Little Patty lives in a log house near a great forest. She has no sisters, and her big brothers are away all day helping their father. But Patty is never lonely; for, though the nearest house is miles away, she has many little friends. Here are two of them that live in the woods.

But how did Patty teach them to be so tame? Patty came to the woods often, and was always so quiet and gentle that the squirrels soon found they need not be afraid of her. She brought her bread and milk to eat under the trees, and was sure to leave crumbs for the squirrels.

When they came near, she sat very still and watched them. So, little by little, she made them her friends, till, at last, they would sit on her shoulder, and eat from her hand. Squirrels build for themselves summer houses. Those are made of leaves, and sticks, and moss. They are nice and cool for summer, but would never do for the winter cold and snow.

So these wise little people find a hollow in an old tree. They make it warm and snug with soft moss and leaves; and here the squirrels live all through the long winter.


Reading Lesson 3-53

Reading Lesson – Patty and the Squirrel


Word List

frightened, intend, wheat, Thomas, complains, plums, choose, shocking, sparrow, ripest, robbing, breakfast, plenty, share, treat, tales, wait

Sparrow perched on a branch.


1. Glad to see you, little bird;
   ‘Twas your little chirp I heard:
   What did you intend to say?
   “Give me something this cold day”?

2. That I will, and plenty, too;
   All the crumbs I saved for you.
   Don’t be frightened—here’s a treat:
   I will wait and see you eat.

3. Shocking tales I hear of you;
   Chirp, and tell me, are they true?
   Robbing all the summer long;
   Don’t you think it very wrong?

4. Thomas says you steal his wheat;
   John complains, his plums you eat—
   Choose the ripest for your share,
   Never asking whose they are.

5. But I will not try to know
   What you did so long ago:
   There’s your breakfast, eat away;
   Come to see me every day.

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Reading Lesson 3-54

Reading Lesson – The Sparrow


Word List

afternoon, supper, deep, length, carriage, threw, hedge, stood, truly, road, few, sad


One fine summer afternoon, Sam was walking home from school. He went along slowly, reading a book. Sam had spent all his money for the book, but he was a happy boy. At length he came into the highroad, where there was a gate. A blind man stood, holding it open. The poor man said, “Please give me a few cents to buy some bread!” But Sam gave him nothing.

What! did Sam give the poor blind man nothing? Yes; for, as I told you, he had spent all his money. So Sam walked on, very sad. Soon after, a fine carriage came up, and in it were Harry and his mother. The blind man stood, and held out his hat.

“Let us give the poor man something,” said Harry to his mother. His mother gave him some cents. Harry took them, but did not put them into the man’s hat. He threw them into the hedge as far as he could. The poor man could not find them, for, you know, he was blind.

Sam had turned back to look at the fine carriage. He saw Harry throw the cents into the hedge; so he came back at once, and looked for the money until he found it all for the blind man. This took so long a time, that he almost lost his supper.

Which of the boys do you think was truly kind to the poor man? I know which he thanked most in his heart.


Reading Lesson 3-55

Reading Lesson – Sam and Harry


Word List

rippling, fringe, stray, thou, mill, village, brink, clear, wild, hill, course, bathe, tiny, pool, rill


1. Run, run, thou tiny rill;
   Run, and turn the village mill;
   Run, and fill the deep, clear pool
   In the woodland’s shade so cool,
   Where the sheep love best to stray
   In the sultry summer day;
   Where the wild birds bathe and drink,
   And the wild flowers fringe the brink.

2. Run, run, thou tiny rill,
   Round the rocks, and down the hill;
   Sing to every child like me;
   The birds will join you, full of glee:
   And we will listen to the song
   You sing, your rippling course along.


Reading 3-56

The Little Hill

Reading Lesson – the Little Hill


Word List

hastened, possible, balance, Edgar, save, boatman, danger, quickly, move, trip, stretched, several, started, folks, fell


“Sit still, children. Do not move about in the boat,” said Mr. Rose to the young folks he was taking for a trip on the water. The boat was a large one, and could not easily be upset. There were in it Mr. and Mrs. Rose, the boatman, and several little boys and girls.

“Keep still, please, young gentlemen,” said the boatman, when Edgar Rose and Thomas Reed began to move from one side to the other. They kept quiet for a short time only. Edgar soon wanted a stick which Thomas held in his hand. He lost his balance in trying to get the stick, and fell into the water.

Mr. and Mrs. Rose both started up, and stretched out their arms to save him; but in so doing, they upset the boat. Every one fell into the water, and all were in the greatest danger of being drowned.

Another boat was near, with but one man in it. He hastened to them as quickly as possible, and saved them from drowning. Children should always be careful and quiet when they are in a boat on the water, and should obey what older people tell them.


Forest Hill,
June 25, 2020

My Dear Fanny:
This morning while out rowing, we all came near being drowned. Brother Ed, in trying to take a stick from Tom Reed, tripped and fell out of the boat. Papa and Mamma caught at him to save him, and before we knew it we were all in the water.
The boat upset and how we were all saved I can hardly tell. A man in another boat which was near, picked us up. Had it not been for this, you would today have no cousin.
Mary Rose.


Reading Lesson 3-57

Reading Lesson – The Boat Upset


Word List:

lion, body, stripes, delight, English, prey, tiger, collar, tigress, frightful, seize, chain, unlike, swiftest, animals, roar, giant, slightest, officers, whiskers

Tigress carries cub with her mouth.


The tiger is a giant cat. His body is nearly covered with black stripes. Unlike the lion, he runs so fast that the swiftest horse can not overtake him. He goes over the ground by making bounds or springs, one after another.

By night, as well as by day, the tiger watches for his prey. With a frightful roar, he will seize a man, and carry him off. Have you ever thought what use whiskers are to cats? Lions have great whiskers, and so have tigers and all other animals of the cat kind.

Whenever you find an animal with whiskers like the cat’s, you may be sure that animal steals softly among branches and thick bushes. By the slightest touch on the tiger’s whiskers, he knows when there is anything in his road.

A few years ago, some English officers went out to hunt. When coming home from their day’s sport, they found a little tiger kitten. They took it with them and tied it, with a collar and chain, to the pole of their tent. It played about, to the delight of all who saw it.

One evening, just as it was growing dark, they heard a sound that frightened them greatly. It was the roar of a tiger. The kitten pulled at the chain, and tried to break away. With a sharp cry, it answered the voice outside.

All at once, a large tigress bounded into the middle of the tent. She caught her kitten by the neck, and broke the chain which bound it. Then turning to the door of the tent, she dashed away as suddenly as she had come.


Reading Lesson 3-58

Reading Lesson – The Tiger

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