Using Accurate Words

Some words are more accurate than others. It expresses exactly what the writer wants to express in the writing. Choosing the best word helps the reader better understand the message. For instance, compare the following sentences.

Martha said, “No!”

Martha murmured, “No!”

Martha exclaimed, “No.”

Some words to replace “said”,

articulated, asked, cautioned, claimed, conversed, declared, demanded, disclosed, exclaimed, expressed, hollered, whispered, mumbled, murmured, muttered, processed, pronounced, questioned, remarked, replied, requested, reveal, spoke, stammered, talked, told, uttered, whispered

Some words to replace went, walked and left.

disappeared, headed over, quicken my pace, scampered, scurried, stamped, strolled, trotted, vanished

Some words to replace ‘saw” and “looked”

glanced, glimpsed, scanned, stared, peeped, peered, perused