Useful Phrases

  1. Movement
  2. Sounds
  3. Thinking
  4. Body
  5. Other

There are a some phrases that can be quite useful in writing. They help you explain the movement of animals and people, the sounds you hear, the thoughts you have, the way you feel, etc. Here are some of these phrases.


  • I quickened my pace as I headed towards home
  • I ran for dear life
  • as fast as my legs could carry me
  • scurried outside
  • trotted carelessly down the street
  • peered all around
  • scurrying to and fro
  • moved swiftly but cautiously
  • scuttled across the floor
  • leaped out of the chair
  • leaping to her feet
  • hot on my heels
  • moved with purpose
  • traffic was moving at a snail pace
  • mad haste to avoid him