Useful Phrases


I quickened my pace as I headed towards home, I ran for dear life, as fast as my legs could carry me, scurried outside, trotted carelessly down the street, peered all around, scurrying to and fro, moved swiftly but cautiously, scuttled across the floor, leaped out of the chair, leaping to her feet, hot on my heels, moved with purpose, traffic was moving at a snail pace, mad haste to avoid him,


angry growl of fierce thunder, hollered at me, earsplitting noise, sigh of relief, apologize profusely, said in a breathless whisper, attempted small talk, sleeping so soundly, heart began to pound, beckoned to me, looked beseechingly, he glared into my eyes, glanced nervously, in verbatim, noticeable agony,


didn’t have a clue, high point, drives me nuts, moral dilemma, famished brain, honest opinion, sobering thought, felt giddy and inspired, words poured of me in a torrent,


eat a sumptuous dinner, venture down to the kitchen, did my morning hygiene, in the twinkling of an eye, my curiosity became stronger, view was breathtaking, snatched from the jaws of death, sent a chill down my spine, felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, missing him by a hair, outstretched hand,


can’t even carry a tune, loyal to a fault, her whole world sort of spins on different axis, horse around, huge wave of relief, scare silly, huge injustice, feminine problems, for heaven’s sake, lost to the world, a quiet nervous woman, a nature lover, for what seemed an eternity, with a look of supreme satisfaction,restless sleep, secretly pleased, conjured up, restless dreams, thoroughly engrossed, scanned the room importantly, without stopping to consider the consequences of my actions, to my great relief, a ray of hope, heavenly smell, chance encounter, I have no part, to my great relief,

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