The Value of Trustworthiness


The Definition of Trustworthiness

Definition: Trustworthiness is a moral value considered to be a virtue.

A person who is trustworthy is someone in whom you can place your trust and be quite assured that that person would hold to their promise. Honesty and trustworthiness goes hand in hand. Such a person is honest with others, they don’t steal, don’t lie, and will not destroy anything lent to them. They would return it in the same condition it was in. Above all, a trustworthy person will follow rules, and do what is expected even when it is hard. Thus, a trustworthy person has a good reputation. As such, many people look up to him or her for guidance and advice.

You should strive to be a trustworthy person.


Listen to the story below. Then answer the questions.


  1. What was the shepherd boy’s task?
  2. What did the shepherd do to entertain himself?
  3. What warning did the villagers give to the shepherd boy?
  4. Why did the villagers ignored the shepherd boy’s call?
  5. What lesson did the shepherd learn?
  6. Was the boy trustworthy? Explain.


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What is dependability?

Dependability is the measure of reliability. It is a quality of being trustworthy. It is about do what you say you would do. The opposite is unreliability. A dependable person is reliable and considered truthful, showing love to others and building healthy relationships.

Do people call upon you knowing that you will do it? Then you are dependable.

What you know is that success occurs when you are dependable. You do the task that is assigned and not bring out excuses about why you could not do it. You must and should do the entire task to the best of your ability. You do not leave out a task because you think you cannot do it, it would take to long, you do not like someone, or you want to do something else. Your reputation, your good name, depends on your worth and promise to do something. You also have to make sure the work is done on time, the entire work should be done. Not 50% or 75%, all of the work. Your success depends on that. The grade A in your work, depends on that. You must strive to get your work done, it will help you grow in all aspects of your life.

Now dependability depends on four factors:

  1. Timeliness
  2. Productivity
  3. Work without supervision, and
  4. Attention to detail.
You must prioritize tasks effectively to meet deadlines and do your part with a good temperament.
You must adhere to daily schedule, manage your time, be punctual and respect the time of others.
Focus on accuracy to make sure the task is done right the first time.
Working without supervision means you can complete work thoroughly and accurately. You can start on your own and work though independently

Dependability Video:

Watch the video below and identify the dependable traits of the characters.


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