Some Noted Inventors in the field of Science and Technology

Science is the study of the way things work in the universe, both natural and artificial. Scientists use their knowledge to help us understand the world better. Human beings have always spent a lot of time figuring out the world and how it works. Many of the things they have learnt have help people live longer, more productive, and happier lives.

The science
of burning helped us
create things that move us
around ( like ships, trains,
and cars).
The science of growing things help make more food and create new materials.
Science also created the atomic bomb, which lead to terrible weapons and war. Science can give good and bad results.

Thanks to the works of thousands of scientist, we can make reliable predictions. Science is very useful in our lives. The way the scientist looked at the world help us better understand ourselves.

Modern inventions and discoveries created societies with more complex tools and advancement in technology.

Some Noted Inventors

Primitive humans invented the first tools which were used for cutting and scrapping.
Albert Einstein, a physicist, is most known for his Theory of Relativity. This theory changed much in the way scientists look at the world and set the foundation for many modern inventions, including the nuclear bomb and nuclear energy.

Caribbean inventors

Luis Alvarez, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, discovered the iridium layer and developed the theory that the mass extinction of dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid or comet colliding with earth.
Walter Lincoln Hawkins is the inventor of plastic coating for telephone wires that made universal service possible.
Dolly Nicholas (1952-), a Trinidadian scientist, researched the properties of Trinidad asphalt and invented a range of coatings, paints and adhesives, which were marketed under the LASCO name.
Bertie Marshall was an inventor and musician, invented the double-Tenor pan and High Tenor or Sopano Pan. His contribution helped popularized the use of harmonic tuning and acceptance of steel pan as a classical instrument around the world.
Dr. Henry Lowe, Jamaican scientist, discovered a formula that can reduce and eliminate prostate cancer, Alpha Prostate Formula 1, under the Eden gardens brand.

The making of A Good Scientist

If you want to be a scientist, you should note that the most important quality of a good scientist is curiosity. Curiosity makes the scientist ask, “Why does that happen?” It makes the scientist research and test an idea.

Sir Isaac Newton would not have discovered why the apple fell if he was not curious.

Another important quality is that a scientist must be a good observer. Scientist watch the world around them. They try to make sense of the world and so must keep an open mind while they search for the facts. That means they will also have to observe in unusual places.

The scientist must be able to communicate their findings. That is how knowledge builds on knowledge. They must share their findings. And above all they have to be persistent. Observation takes time.


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