An Early Experiement on Animal Behaviour by Konrad Lorenz

Ethology is the study of animal behaviour. The father of this branch of science is Konrad Lorenz. He observed animal behaviour and the process called imprinting, where an animal knew its parents by sight and by sound.

He conducted experiments to see if ducklings, when hatched, would see him first. The young hatchlings thought Lorenz was their mother, and followed him everywhere. He then did it with objects. This study is interesting because he discovered that instincts are a way of behaving from birth and there are learned behaviours that are taught.

The video below explains animal behaviour.


  1. What is an example of ethology?
  •  A scientist mixing two chemicals and recording the results.
  • A scientist publishing an article in a journal.
  • A scientist growing mold in a lab.
  • A scientist observing bears as they prepare for winter.

2. Match the terms to complete the following statement.

SORT ELEMENTS – behaviour, instinct, ethology, imprinting

  • The actions and habits of a living creature is a ____________________ .
  • The scientific study of animal behaviour is called _________________________.
  • A behavour that is automatic, not learned is referred to as ____________________.
  • ___________________ refers the way a young animal learns who its parents are

Worksheet for questions.


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