Respecting Neighbours

Synonyms of Respect are consideration, thoughtfulness, high regard, appreciation, and approval.

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What Is Respect?

Respect is the regard or concern for one’s well-being and that of others. We show respect to others and their culture in order to build and maintain healthy relationships. Respect is much like being nice and treating others so they don’t feel small or unimportant.

Three Simple Rules

Respect has three simple rules: respect to others and yourself, respect of property, and respect of authority.

Respect yourself and others. When you respect others you are careful with the words you use. Words has power, for it is difficult to take back unwanted words once it has been said. Can you put back toothpaste in its tube once it has been removed?

Respect the property of others. Your neighbours property is not yours to use at will. You have your own. You should put your things in place, keep them organized, don’t throw them around. Take care of your stuff. If you borrow something that belongs to another, return their stuff in the same condition as you got it. Don’t keep it and use it. It does not belong to you. Respect the property of others and show appreciation for the stuff you have.

Respect authority. There are people in authority; they carry out important duties. Co-operate and obey them in their position. Hold them up to what you expect them to do, but show respect to their authority and their position. This does not mean that people in authority can use their position for their selfish gains. Much is expected of them, they must live up to their position and show that they deserve respect or they could put their position in disrepute. This can cause chaos and people not doing what they should be doing.

How To Show Respect

Even when we are treated disrespectfully we should show respect to others. We could become the example for others. Here are six ways to show respect.

  1. Be punctual.
  2. Complement the achievement of others.
  3. Be sincere and genuine.
  4. Do what you say you would do.
  5. Lose sarcasm.
  6. Be polite.

How you behave reflect where you come from, the entire population of the country of where you are from. So if your are polite, helpful and respectful you go a long way reflecting where you come from. All your country folks would seem polite, helpful and respectful.

Discussion Questions

Look at the short film below. Then answer the following questions.

  1. How did the man demonstrate respect to the people around him?
  2. Why does he show respect to the dog?
  3. Do you think it is beneficial to show respect to others? Explain?

Look at the dated news report below. Then answer the following questions.

  1. According to the news report, recount ways in which respect was shown to the people from Dominica.
  2. What terms or courtesies were used to show respect to the people of Dominica?

The news clip below is a response from Dominica to the people of flood ravaged Trinidad. Listen carefully to the news clip, then answer the question below.

  1. How did Dominica showed respect to the people of Trinidad?
  2. Why was it important for them to do this?

Evaluate why people in the Caribbean need to speak positively of each other and their culture.

Consider and describe ways in which respect can be shown to persons from other Caribbean states?

Listen to the song below. Then recount the many ways of disrespect shown by people.

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