The Importance of Respecting Neighbours


Synonyms of Respect are consideration, thoughtfulness, high regard,

appreciation, and approval.

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What Is Respect?

Respect is like when we care about how other people feel and we treat them with kindness. It’s important to be respectful to others and their culture so we can make good friends and keep our relationships strong. Just like being nice, respect helps people feel big and special, not small and unimportant.

Three Simple Rules

Respect has three simple rules: respect to others and yourself, respect of property, and respect of authority.

Respect yourself and others. When you play nice with others, you gotta be super careful with the words you pick. ‘Cause words can be super powerful and hard to take back once they’re out there. It’s like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube after you’ve squeezed it out – impossible!

Respect the property of others. Hey kiddo, remember that your neighbor’s things are not yours to play with whenever you want. You have your own cool stuff, so make sure you keep them tidy and don’t just toss them around like a monkey. Take good care of your things, okay? If you borrow something from someone else, be sure to give it back in the same shape it was in when you got it. Don’t hog it or use it too much. It’s not yours, so let’s be respectful of other people’s things. And remember to be grateful for the things you have too!

Respect authority. There are grown-ups who are in charge and have big jobs to do. It’s important to listen to them and follow their rules. You can tell them what you want, but you still have to be polite and show them respect. But if they use their power to be mean or selfish, that’s not okay! They have to be responsible and do the right thing or else everyone will start acting crazy and not doing what they’re supposed to do.

How To Show Respect

Even when we are treated disrespectfully we should show respect to others. We could become the example for others. Here are six ways to show respect.

  1. Be on time, like a superhero!
  2. Say nice things to your friends when they do something great!
  3. Always tell the truth and mean what you say!
  4. Keep your promises, just like a good fairy!
  5. No more teasing, it’s not nice!
  6. Remember to use your manners, please and thank you!

How you behave reflect where you come from, the entire population of the country of where you are from. So if your are polite, helpful and respectful you go a long way reflecting where you come from. All your country folks would seem polite, helpful and respectful.


The merits and value of cultural and religious groups in a diverse community.

Cultural diversity is often referred to as multiculturalism, the presence of a number of cultures.

Having lots of different cultures is so cool! It’s called multiculturalism, and it means that there are lots of different ways of living all in one place. When people from different cultures hang out together, they can learn so much from each other! We can learn about different ways of doing things and see things from a new point of view. When we do that, we don’t judge each other as much, and we can stop thinking bad stuff about each other. It’s way better that way!

Above all, diversity teaches respect. Most importantly, being around different people helps us be nice to one another! When we meet new friends, we treat them with kindness. We also learn cool things from each other and have a lot of fun! This way, we make good friends and make the world a better place!

How do you engage in healthy conversations with persons from other religious cultural backgrounds?

  • Avoid imposing conflicting values on others.
  • Speak so the other could understand.
  • Recognize that family structures and roles would be different.
  • Do not encourage others to engage in behaviours that show cultural bias or prejudice. Report it to authority.
  • Listen to others ideas and be willing to accept the different view.


Discuss in groups your religion and one thing you do with your family to celebrate a religious festival

Discuss in groups your favourite foods.

Look at the short film below. Then answer the following questions.

  1. How did the man demonstrate respect to the people around him?
  2. Why does he show respect to the dog?
  3. Do you think it is beneficial to show respect to others? Explain?

Look at the dated news report below. Then answer the following questions.

  1. According to the news report, recount ways in which respect was shown to the people from Dominica.
  2. What terms or courtesies were used to show respect to the people of Dominica?

The news clip below is a response from Dominica to the people of flood ravaged Trinidad. Listen carefully to the news clip, then answer the question below.

  1. How did Dominica showed respect to the people of Trinidad?
  2. Why was it important for them to do this?

Evaluate why people in the Caribbean need to speak positively of each other and their culture.

Consider and describe ways in which respect can be shown to persons from other Caribbean states?

Listen to the song below. Then recount the many ways of disrespect shown by people.

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