Becoming a Caring Citizen


Synonyms for caring are kind, tender, kind-hearted, attentive, considerate, charitable, patient, humane,etc.

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What does it mean to be Caring?

Caring is feeling and showing concern and empathy for others and having compassion. when you are a caring person you do things to keep yourself and others safe and healthy.

A Caring Citizen

Let’s begin with a story.


James Selton was one of the most insolent boy in the village where he lived. He would rarely pass people in the street without being guilty of some sort of abuse. If a person were well dressed he would cry out, “Dandy!” If a person’s clothes were dirty or torn, he would throw stones at him, and annoy him in every way.

One afternoon, just as the school was dismissed, a stranger passed through the village. His dress was plain and somewhat old, but neat and clean. He carried a cane in his hand, on the end of which was a bundle, and he wore a broad-brimmed hat. No sooner did James see the stranger, than he winked to his playmates, and said, “Now for some fun!” He then silently went toward the stranger from behind, and, knocking off his hat, ran away. The man turned and saw him, but James was out of hearing before he could speak. The stranger put on his hat, and went on his way.

Again did James approach; but this time, the man caught him by the arm, and held him fast. However, he contented himself with looking James a moment in the face, and then pushed him from him. No sooner did the naughty boy find himself free again, than he began to pelt the stranger with dirt and stones. But he was much frightened when the “rowdy,” as he foolishly called the man, was struck on the head by a brick, and badly hurt. All the boys now ran away, and James skulked across the fields to his home.

As he drew near the house, his sister Caroline came out to meet him, holding up a beautiful gold chain and some new books for him to see. She told James, as fast as she could talk, that their uncle, who had been away several years, had come home, and was now in the house; that he had brought beautiful presents for the whole family; that he had left his car at the tavern, a mile or two off, and walked on foot, so as to surprise his brother, their father.

She said, that while he was coming through the village, some wicked boys threw stones at him, and hit him just over the eye, and that mother had bound up the wound. “But what makes you look so pale?” asked Caroline, changing her tone. The guilty boy told her that nothing was the matter with him; and running into the house, he went upstairs into his chamber.

Soon after, he heard his father calling him to come down. Trembling from head to foot, he obeyed. When he reached the parlor door, he stood, fearing to enter. His mother said, “James, why do you not come in? You are not usually so bashful. See this beautiful watch, which your uncle has brought for you.” What a sense of shame did James now feel! Little Caroline seized his arm, and pulled him into the room. But he hung down his head, and covered his face with his hands.

His uncle went up to him, and kindly taking away his hands, said, “James, will you not bid me welcome?”

But quickly starting back, he cried, “Brother, this is not your son. It is the boy who so shamefully insulted me in the street!” With surprise and grief did the good father and mother learn this. His uncle was ready to forgive him, and forget the injury. But his father would never permit James to have the gold watch, nor the beautiful books, which his uncle had brought for him. The rest of the children were loaded with presents. James was obliged to content himself with seeing them happy. He never forgot this lesson so long as he lived. It cured him entirely of his low and insolent manners.


  1. What insolent actions did the James engage in doing?
  2. What did James do to the stranger?
  3. What was the consequences James had to endure for his actions?

A citizen is a member of a sovereign state or nation. A citizen have access to the benefits offered by a country. They can challenge the government on issues concerning their rights. These issues range from public education, raising children, legal right, work, voting, and access to public services. Part of good citizenship means that you can help transform your community to one that is better for all. We do this by improving our knowledge of things and sharing it with others. You are encouraged to express your citizenship.

Ways to Become a super cool Citizen

You can become a good citizen. Here are some ways you can become a good citizen:

  1. First off, don’t throw your trash on the ground, that’s a big no-no.
  2. You should also lend a helping hand to your friends and family.
  3. Sharing is caring, so try to share your toys and snacks with others.
  4. It’s important to be responsible too, like doing your homework and chores.
  5. You can even participate in activities and events to help make your community a better place.
  6. Make sure to follow the rules and be respectful to others and their things.
  7. And last but not least, you can become a volunteer and make a difference in the world! So go out there and be the best citizen you can be!

Discussion Question

Look at the short story video below. Then answer the questions.

  1. What does citizenship mean?
  2. Describe the community of the jungle?
  3. What issues were important for the Jungle Federation?
  4. Was the Jungle Federation useful?
  5. What was the main problem the Jungle Federation have?
  6. How did the members in the Jungle learn to take care of themselves?
  7. Consider your country, is it a member of a Federation? What is it called? What is the main goal of that Federation?

The Caribbean

Below is a view of the Caribbean.

Hey kiddos! Did you know that we need to take good care of the big blue ocean around the pretty islands of the Caribbean Sea? The ocean is like a giant home for lots of cool fishes and other sea creatures, and it gives us a lot food and things play with too!

So, how can we make sure we keep the ocean happy and healthy? Here are some ideas:

  1. Don’t litter! Make sure you throw your trash in the bin, not in the ocean. Nobody wants to swim with garbage.
  2. Use less plastic! Plastic is not good for the ocean. Try to use reusable bags, bottles, and containers instead of disposable ones.
  3. Be careful with chemicals! When you use things


In groups, or as a class discussion, create an action plan in harmony with abilities, interest and beliefs to protect the ocean from over exploitation through the use of a particular media of your choice.

Observe the video clip below. Then discuss how you believe the participants and volunteers feel after completing their mission. Do you think they practice good citizenship?

List the importance of oceans for the Caribbean people.

Let’s show lots of love and care for our ocean, waterways, shoreline, and waterfront! We need to make sure we don’t throw our garbage in the water and keep it all clean and tidy. We can help by cleaning up litter and even removing old, broken-down boats. It’s important that we all work together to protect our oceans and the creatures that live in them. Let’s have fun by creating art, doing clean-up drives, and spreading the word through our blogs and newsletters. We can even have a big march to show our love for the ocean!

Use the video below to help you answer the above questions.

Social Issues in the Caribbean

Oh boy, the Caribbean has a lot of problems to deal with! There are big things like the weather getting all wonky, oil costs going up, and China causing trouble. Then there are smaller things that can still make life hard, like not having enough money, crime and drugs, and making sure everyone gets a good education and healthcare. And don’t forget about all the new technology and how we get things from one place to another. It’s a lot for the grown-ups to handle!


Use drama or visual art form to demonstrate care you would show for tackling on of the above social issues.

Consider ways to help that can be given to persons plagued by social issues.

National Pride

Having lots of love for your own country is like being a super patriotic superhero! It’s called National Pride, and it’s when you really care about your home. When you’re a kind and caring citizen, that’s when your national pride shines bright like a star!

National pride is a feeling that is connected to a persons value system and beliefs. It affects the way you interact and treat others especially during times of crisis. National pride is shown most during major holidays and celebrations. What holidays are very important where you live?

Sometimes, when people love their country too much, it can be a problem. They might get scared of people who are different from them and start being mean to them. This is called racism and it’s not nice. Some people use the love for their country to make others feel bad. They say things that make people not like each other, and this is also not nice. Do you think this happens in your country? What do people say that makes others feel bad? How does this affect the love we have for our country?

For lots of people, feeling proud about their country is all about how awesome it is to live there, all the cool stuff you can do, how we all believe in the same things, and how much money we have to buy things. Plus, it’s super important that everyone works together like good buddies (as citizens).

How do you display National Pride?



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