Becoming a Caring Citizen

Synonyms for caring are kind, tender, kind-hearted, attentive, considerate, charitable, patient, humane,etc.

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Becoming a Caring Citizen

What does it mean to be Caring?

Caring is feeling and showing concern and empathy for others and having compassion. when you are a caring person you do things to keep yourself and others safe and healthy.

A Caring Citizen

A citizen is a member of a sovereign state or nation. A citizen have access to the benefits offered by a country. They can challenge the government on issues concerning their rights. These issues range from public education, raising children, legal right, work, voting, and access to public services. Part of good citizenship means that you can help transform your community to one that is better for all. We do this by improving our knowledge of things and sharing it with others. You are encouraged to express your citizenship.

You can become a good citizen. Here are some ways you can become a good citizen: don’t litter, help others, share with others, be responsible, participate, obey the rules, respect others, respect the property of others, and become a volunteer. Everyone can make a difference and ensure the betterment of their community and nation.

Becoming a Caring Citizen

Discussion Question

Look at the short story video below. Then answer the questions.

  1. What does citizenship mean?
  2. Describe the community of the jungle?
  3. What issues were important for the Jungle Federation?
  4. Was the Jungle Federation useful?
  5. What was the main problem the Jungle Federation have?
  6. How did the members in the Jungle learn to take care of themselves?
  7. Consider your country, is it a member of a Federation? What is it called? What is the main goal of that Federation?
Becoming a Caring Citizen

The Caribbean

Below is a view of the Caribbean.

Becoming a Caring Citizen

The islands of the Caribbean Sea should be concerned about the oceans around it. This ocean sustain life and its offers a lot of resources. With this in mind, describe ways in which care can be shown for the ocean and its resources on a sustained basis.  

In groups, or as a class discussion, create an action plan in harmony with abilities, interest and beliefs to protect the ocean from over exploitation through the use of a particular media of your choice.

Observe the video clip below. Then discuss how you believe the participants and volunteers feel after completing their mission. Do you think they practice good citizenship?

List the importance of oceans for the Caribbean people.

Use drama or visual art form to demonstrate care you would show for the ocean, waterways, shoreline and waterfront, particularly the disposal of garbage. Consider restoration efforts, clean-up drives, removal of wrecked ships, conservation practices within firms and communities, marches, newsletters, or blogs activities to promote care for the ocean.

Use the video below to help you answer the above questions.

Social Issues in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is faced with a number of social issues. The most challenging of these issues are: climate change, oil prices, China, poverty, crime and drugs, financial markets, Cuba, digitalization, logistics, terrorism, good governance and education, demographic changes, and healthcare (Calmera and Goede)

Use drama or visual art form to demonstrate care you would show for tackling on of the above social issues.

Consider ways to help that can be given to persons plagued by social issues.


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