Keyboarding – How to type

No more two-finger typing! Learn to type 50 to 60 words within half an hour. Complete your assignments easily, leaving time free to do other pressing matters.

Our “10 Simple Lessons for Keyboarding” will help anyone who would like to learn to type. Learning to type has many benefits. It helps you to work with less stress, meet deadlines, and improve your communication skills

The following documents are interactive PDFs. No need to turn pages and you practice watching the screeen while you type. This is the best way to learn the keys, type with accuracy, and improve speed.


We encourage you to practice typing every day. Do not look at your fingers while you type. Look at the screen. At first we encourage accuracy – speed will come in time. Do not rush for speed. Concentrate on learning the proper placement of your fingers on the keypad. Read the instruction before you begin the exercises.

PDF Keyboarding Books

Click the links below to download the PDF lesson workbooks.

Keyboarding Lesson One

Keyboarding Lesson Two

Keyboarding Lesson Three

Keyboarding Lesson Four

Keyboarding Lesson Five

Keyboarding Lesson Six

Keyboarding Lesson Seven

Keyboarding Lesson Eight

Keyboarding Lesson Nine

Keyboarding Lesson Ten

Keyboarding Lesson – Quiz