Errors and Absurdities in Writing

Here is an opportunity for you to practice identifying errors in essay writing.

Tips to help you avoid errors:

  1. Pay close attention to the key words used in the topic.
  2. Do not use apostrophes with inanimate objectives .
  3. Avoid abbreviations.
  4. Use words instead of figures.
  5. Don’t break up words without any thought of syllabication.
  6. Use inverted commas around slangs, dialects, and local saying.
  7. Keep the sequence of tenses; don’t switch from present to past.
  8. Don’t use etc. Use for instance or example.
  9. Don’t use ‘alright’ for ‘yes‘.
  10. Proof read your essay. Read out loud (even in a whisper without disturbing, others if you are in class) helps you identify errors.


Sometimes we say utterly foolish things. This is why you must proof read your essays.


I hope to attend the concert which took place last week.