Why we keep our community clean

The Community, School, and Classroom

We need to keep our communities, schools and classrooms clean. We dispose of garbage in different ways. Some are buried in landfills, some recycled, and some become compost. In Trinidad, the collection of waste for recycling are limited to some areas. There are many more things we as a society need to do to make sure we properly dispose of the all our garbage.

Proper methods of garbage disposal

  1. Place recyclable trash into bins for pickup service or carry it to recycling centers.
  2. Place garbage for compost in a bin located outside of your home. Decomposing organic matter include: untreated paper products, biodegradable plastic, any part of a fruit or vegetable such as seeds or rinds, food, and matches.
  3. Pace trash items that are not recyclable or for compost into a garbage bag or trash can.
  4. Do not dispose of hazardous materials in garbage bins. Hazardous materials we use in schools and in the community are batteries and heavy duty cleaning products. Take them to a local company that will correctly dispose of such materials.

Best Ways to keep the environment clean.


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