What you need to know about The elements of Poetry

Poetry is a form of writing and type of literature. Poets use different forms and styles of poetry. Poets express their ideas on life, tell a story, or show honor to a person or a god – by using figurative language or metaphorical expressions. To a poet, a poem is a presentation of his/her truth about the world, relationships, and human behaviour.

Thus, some poems are short and written in a simple style, while some are complex or long. This makes poems different from other forms of writing. The words of a poem is written in lines; and groups of lines are called stanzas.

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Poetry is charged with emotion and passion. When you read a poem, the words form pictures in our mind. We can become very involved in a poem especially when it stimulates our senses. You can say it is an art form, but it does not have to elicit wisdom. A good poetry helps the reader realize the aspect of life more fully.

A poet uses a broad set of instruments to create his poem. They are the elements of poetry.

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  1. Understanding Poetry,
  2. Figures of Speech and Figures of Sound,
  3. Determining the Theme of a Poem,
  4. Types of Poems


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