What is Proper and Improper and Mixed Fractions



A whole or unit can be split into parts. That whole can be a pizza, a loaf of bread, or a collection of marbles.


We can divide a whole into equal parts. We can divide the whole into halves, thirds, quarters, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, twelfths, sixteenths…

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The unit is counted as 1. The fractions are less than one.

The fraction ½ means that a whole is divided in two parts, 1 part out of 2, each share is a half.

proper and improper and mixed fractions

In proper fractions the numerator is smaller than the denominator.


When you need to write the fractions in words, spell the numbers out and use a dash between the two numerical elements such as five-eighths for 5/8.

Mixed Fractions

Mixed fractions are fractional parts beyond a whole. 6 quarters suggest 1 whole and a half. 1+ ½ is written as 1½ .


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