Vocabulary worksheets – Free Printable and Friendly

Here are a number of vocabulary worksheets to improve your vocabulary skills. It will cover roots, prefixes, and suffixes; homonyms and homophones; and other a spelling guide.


Vocabulary worksheets

Words in Context and Meaning

Words and meanings 1

Sample view

Words and meanings 2

Sample view

Words and meaning 3

Sample view

Context Clues

Antonyms and Synonyms

Antonyms are words that means the opposite. Their meanings are as different as possible from each other. Synonyms are words that have the same or nearly the same meaning. Click here for more information on antonyms and synonyms.

Antonyms and synonyms – The Naughty Boy

Synonyms 2

Synonyms 3

Synonyms 4

Synonym 5

Synonym 7

Synonym 8

Synonym 6

Synonym 9

Synonym 10

Antonyms 1

Antonyms 2

Antonyms 3

Antonyms 4

Antonyms 5

Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

This section is meant to introduce you to the structure of words. If you learn key roots, prefixes, and suffixes, you will more easily learn words using those word parts. This section also includes compound words.

Compound Words

Sample view

Prefix im and in

Sample view

Prefix un or dis

Sample view

Homonyms and Homophones

This section teaches the difference between homonyms and homophones. Homophones are words pronounced the same but differ in meaning and origin, while homonyms are words spelled the same but differ in meaning.

Homophones 1

Homophones 2

Homophones 3

Homophones 4

Homophones 5

Homophones 6

Homophones 8

Homophones 7

Homophones 9

Homophones 10

Homonym 1

Homonym 2

Homonym 3

Spelling Guide

This section helps the students become better spellers. It introduces spelling rules and the Dolch list of sight words.

Spelling & Vocabulary 1 (Comprehension)

Spelling and Vocabulary 2

Spelling Worksheet (Week 2)

Spelling Worksheet (Week 9)

Spelling 2

Spelling 3

Spelling 4

Spelling 5

Spelling (Puzzle)

Frequently misspelled Words 1

High Frequency words 1

High Frequency words 2

High Frequency words 3

Misused Words

Troublesome words

Sight Words 1

Sight Words 2

Sight Words 3

Sight Words CVC Words

Spelling words

Syllables and vowels worksheet

Silent Letters

Identify Spelling errors 1

Spelling errors 2

Spelling Exercises

Spelling words (kn, gn)

Spelling words (ture)

Spelling exercise 8

Words in plural


Vocabulary practice test 1

Vocabulary practice test 2

Vocabulary practice test 3

Vocabulary practice test 4

Vocabulary practice test 5

Vocabulary practice test 6

Vocabulary practice test 7