How to use Descriptive Adjectives

You will soon learn that adjectives can add descriptive details to your writing. Focus on the writing below that uses adjectives. They describe, not tell you how to feel.


A poor, bare, miserable room it was, with broken windows, no fire, ragged bedclothes, a sick mother, wailing baby, and a group of pale, hungry children cuddled under one old quilt, trying to keep warm.

How the big eyes stared and the blue lips smiled as the girls went in. “Ach, mein Gott! It is good angels come to us!” said the poor woman, crying for joy. “Funny angels in hoods and mittens,” said Jo, and set them to laughing.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (Chapter 2, Merry Christmas

Study how the author use the descriptive adjectives. Find abstract of your favorite authors who effectively use descriptive adjectives. Share these examples here.