1. Pollution
  2. Types of Pollution:
  3. Land Pollution
  4. Air Pollution
  5. Water Pollution
  6. Reducing pollution
  7. Saving Earth’s Resources

Pollution Defined

Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. We call the harmful material pollutants. Pollutants damage land, air, and water.

Consider how long it takes a material to decompose.

Paper: 2-4 weeks
Orange peel: 6 months
Milk carton: 5 years
Plastic bag: 15 years
Tin can: 100 years
Plastic bottle: 450 years
Glass bottle: 500 years
Styrofoam: Never

There are three types of pollution: land, air, and water. Human activities cause most of these pollution; though pollution can happen naturally by nature.