The era of tecnology


We live in a time of technology. We are dependent on technology for many of our everyday tasks. Without technology, life would be extremely tiresome if we were to accomplish our present daily tasks. Think how life would be without technology. What if you did not have internet? or a phone to text friends and family? or Google maps? or Amazon?

What did we do before technology?

We used an atlas to find places we never visited. We wrote letters to keep in touch with family and friends. We painted pictures to remember someone or an event. We barter with neighbours to get things we could not make ourselves. We wrote our ideas, thoughts, and stories in books that were stored on shelves. All the information was in books. You bought the daily newspaper and magazines to read what was happening in your country and other countries. Movement from place to place was limited to horses, boats and ships. Food was grown and harvested manually on small farms. Life was certainly different years ago.

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The artist, Joseph Ducreux, created this self-portrait. Today, we take selfies.
Today, phones help take selfies.

Technology Today.

Today the internet makes much of our technology possible.

Google Maps is the main way to get around. Waze is a GPS navigation software app that can be downloaded free from Google. It works on smartphones and tablet computers that have GPS support. It provides a turn-by-trun navigation information. The user can share knowledge of road traffic issues that are happening at the moment.

Close-up of an unrecognizable woman using the Google Maps App on her Lenovo A916 Android smartphone in a car. Map of New York (USA) shown on screen.
We send text messages to others by phone or email. We also use smart phones to call each other. The same phone allows us to capture images of people and places. Anyone can use a smart phone with little help. Smart phones are also used to connect through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Cash or credit card is acceptable to pay for goods and services. The credit card can be used to purchase goods and services online as well, as on Amazon.

Personal computer are used to keep information and documents safe. Information can also be kept online in the cloud.

We hardly need the cinema to see the latest movies. There is now netflex and cable television.

The kindle allows us to read many books online without going to the library.
Computers are very convenient

The computer allow access to information online. As students, Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia, helps us with research and learning.