Suitable Attires for Physical Activities.

Physical activities may involve a lot of movement and sweating. The clothes you wear during your physical movements can help you a lot as well. Appropriate clothes can help protect the wearer from impact, strain and even overheating. It can also help your perform better, control your body temperature and help you move freely.

Some fabrics are better choices than others.

Cotton shirts and pants can absorb the sweat and feel heavy and wet. Sweat can evaporated through this type of fabric. On the other hand there are some synthetic fabrics that does not absorb the sweat and help sweat to evaporate quickly. Such clothing are made of fabrics that contains polypropylene.

Now there are fabrics that don’t breathe. Such fabrics are rubber-based materials and so the sweat does not evaporate. As a result your body temperature can get too high during physical exercise.

Whether you are running or biking, the clothes you wear should not interfere with your movement or get tangled. You have to choose comfortable clothing for your physical activities, so it would not get in the way of your activity. Observe the following pictures. Think about the clothing worn by the athletes and how they help the wearer in its activity.

If you are performing an outdoor activity you also have to consider the season. Dress in clothes that could keep you cool, comfortable, and move freely in hot weather. Dress warmly, in layers that can still help you to move when it is cold outside. And when it is rainy, or even windy, choose clothes that can help protect your skin from the elements.

Therefore, an appropriate dress for your PE classes would therefore be:

  • strong sport shoes;
  • cotton socks, sport shorts or t-shirt (warm, long pants or long shirt for colder weather);
  • no jewelry as it can cause injury;
  • and if you have long hair, you should pull it back.