Some simple machines we use daily


Simple machines helps make tough jobs easier with few moving parts. They help us push, pull, lift, divide and crush things. They simply increase the pull or push (force or effort) a person uses to do work.

There are six simple machines that help us make work easier. They are the wheel and axle, the lever, the incline plane, the pulley, the screw, and the wedge.

These machines, without the use of electricity, offer the following mechanical advantages:

  1. Transfer a force from one place to another,
  2. Change the direction of a force,
  3. Increase the magnitude of a force, or
  4. Increase the distance or speed of a force.
The wheel is a significant invention in human history. It enabled the transportation of people and food over great distances.

Mechanical Advantages of Simple Machines

Inclined plane (ramp or staircase) is a flat surface raised at an angle. It is used to raise or lower heavy objects. Much like a ramp, inclined planes offers an advantage for weight to be moved up an incline with less force than if the same weight was being lifted up.

A lever (crowbar and claw hammer) is bar or board that rest on a fulcrum (a support). Once a downward force is exerted on one end of the lever, the other end of the lever makes an upward direction. This force enables the lifting of a heavy weight.

The wheel and axle (steering wheel and screw driver) comprises of a circular frame and a rod that rotate together.

A screw (scissor style car jack or window winder) is is a mechanism that consists of an inclined plane around a cylinder. A screw is useful for lifting heavy objects and tightening things.

A wedge (log splitter or knife), according to Cambridge dictionary, is an object with “a pointed edge at one end and a wide edge at the other”. A wedge pushed in one direction creates an outward force. A wedge is normally made of metal or wood. They are used to split logs or rocks.

Simple pulleys (block or curtain cord) allow you to change the direction of the force. A pulley comprises of a wheel with a groove in it, and a rope, cord, cable, chain or belt in the groove. The groove keeps the rope in place so heavy objects can be lowered or lifted

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Force and Motion

A simple machine project

Changing Face of Technology

Technology has changed our lives in amazing ways. Modern technology has been useful in all aspects of life, business, commerce, social, medical, education and entertainment.

Technology has made it possible for instant message and communication along various social media platforms. It has been used to locate people during the covic 19 pandemic in several countries and used to check in on the elderly in the population.

Technology has been able to allow us to do business in different countries. Money transfers have allowed us to buy things across borders.

Technology has also allowed us advancement in entertainment. There are new ways to record music and distributing recorded music. There are satellite, cable television and many options for entertainment.

Technology has allowed for the protection of properties and important information. We can protect our bank accounts from thief. It has allowed continual medical advancement in a number of disease not possible just a decade ago.

Think of various technologies that help make things easier every day.