Rules for Spelling in English

Every now and then a writer gets trouble spelling a word. This happens because not all the words we use in English is spelled the way it sounds. So, you cannot always sound out a word and arrive at the accurate spelling. This is why you need to know the rules of spelling. Below is the table of spellings of English sounds.

The Soundas inmay be spelledas in
short vowel sound aantai, auplaid, laugh
long vowel sound acakeai, ay, ea, eirain, play, seat, eight
short vowel sound eweta, ai, aymany, said, says
long vowel sound esheae, i, ieCaesar, live, relieve
short vowel sound isixee, o,u,yseen, woman, busy, hymn
long vowel sound iiceai, ei, y,aisle, weight, hymn
short vowel sound ohotawatt
long vowel sound oovalew, oq,, oe, oo, ou, owsew, brooch, took, soul, blow
short vowel sound usuno, ou, come, double
The soundas inmay be spelledas in
yuyuleeu, ew, u, uefeud, few, use, cue
ffungh, phenough, phone
ggogh, gu, gueghost, guru, rogue
jjardg, gdredge, sponge,
mmelm, mdcalm, climb
nnogn, kn, ongnat, knot, on
rrunrh, wrrhubub, wright
ssayc, ce, pscent, mice, psoriasis
shshech, ci, tichoke , circle , fraction
zzoos, sc, ss, xdessert, scent, discuss, xtra

Table of Spelling rules