Responsibility: Rules

Synonyms for responsibility authority, control, power, management, duty, influence.

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Responsibility is the characteristic that is based on obligation. A person who is responsible: obeys home, school and safety rules; uses self-control; is self-disciplined; is dependable; makes informed decisions; shows perseverance; sets goals, and contributes to the good of the whole.

Rules and Responsibility

Rules ensure peace, harmony and productivity. Without rules or obedience to rules, people do whatever they want to do without any regard if their actions affect others. Rule can are necessary in all aspects of life, for it helps everyone to know what is expected of them, how they should behave, and encourage people to be responsible. The video below show the importance of rules and responsibility.

Standards of Responsibility

We must do the best we can in the task given to us. We must see that what we do is part of the whole and we must do it well, done to what we consider a brilliant standard. Also, others appreciate the extra efforts we put in the things we do.

Consequences For Being Irresponsible

You have to want to be responsible. A responsible person accepts his/her consequences (success or failure) of their actions. A responsible person accepts the good and bad from his/her actions. People feel they can trust and rely on people who are responsible. An irresponsible person cannot be trusted. He/she is inconsistent with his/her beliefs and treatment of others. Such a person is not honest, and is more willing to put the blame on others.

Everyone must accept be responsible for their actions (at home, at school, or in the community). Get the book above in Amazon; click on the link.

Discussion Questions

Look at the video below. Then answer the question below. You can get this book (David Goes to School) on Amazon as well. Click on this link.

  1. Why do we need rules in school?
  2. What consequences are there for being irresponsible at school?
  3. Describe three benefits one can have for acting responsibly at school?

Listen to the song about the Rules of the Classroom. Then answer the following questions.

  1. Why should we follow the rules of the classrooms.
  2. Why should we be nice to other classmates?
  3. Name the six rules of the classroom.
  4. Which rule would help us forge healthy relationships?
  5. How should we use classroom resources (such as scissors, pencils, and sharpeners)?

How can you help keep the playground and classroom safe?

Making a Decision to Act Responsibly

Look at the story below. Then answer the questions.

  1. Why was Mrs. Ortez upset?
  2. Why did the bunnies did not say anything?
  3. How did Rosa act responsible?
  4. Did the other bunnies act responsible? Explain.
  5. Write two reasons the other bunnies should act responsibly?

Making Informed Choices

Listen to the story below. Then answer the questions that follows. You can get this book (The Bad Seed) on Amazon as well. Click on this link.

  1. Why is he considered a “Bad” Seed? Give three examples of the “Bad” things the “Bad” Seed does.
  2. What happened that made the Seed bad?
  3. What choices did the Seed made that made him bad?
  4. Discuss the steps the “Bad” Seed made to make an informed choice to not be bad anymore.

Mark, a policeman, finds a youth smoking marijuana at a bus stop. Determine the steps that Mark should take to arrive at the fairest course of action.

You caught your sibling stealing $100 from your mother’s purse. Determine the steps that you should take to arrive at the fairest course of action.

State two possible consequences Vincent will face for cheating in all his exams.


  1. How did Mrs. Angela respond to the boys’ bullying?
  2. How did Carter respond when he notice that the old lady he and his friends bullied was his new neighbour?
  3. Why didn’t Carter wanted Mrs. Angela to tutor him? How did she convinced him to come for lessons?
  4. What did Carter learnt from bullying?
  5. Why did Carter help Mrs. Angela at the end of the story?
  6. If Mrs. Angela wanted to report the bullying, to whom would she report the bullying?

A friend wants to harm another student after school. Determine the steps that you should take to arrive at the fairest course of action.

Randy’s younger sibling, Tom, is caught taking $200 she had hidden in the chest of drawer. Randy claims he got permission to take it. Tom offers him $50 dollars as well. State two possible consequences Randy will face for failing to assess information before making a judgement.

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