Read the story below. Read aloud then answer the questions that follow.

Notes for reading: Preview the text to be read. Before you start reading, ask yourself, what does the author want me to think or feel? Do I agree with the author? While you read pay close attention to the details presented in the text.


The Himalayas are the highest mountains on our globe, They are in Asia, and separate India from Thibet. They extend in a continuous line for more than a thousand miles. If you ever ascend one of these mountains from the plain below, you will have to cross an unhealthy border, twenty miles in width. It is, in fact, a swamp caused by the waters overflowing the river banks. The soil of this swampy border is covered with trees and shrubs, where the tiger, the elephant, and other animals find secure retreat.

Beyond this border, you will reach smiling valleys and noble forests. As you advance onward and upward, you will get among bolder and more rugged scenes. The sides of the mountains are very steep, sometimes well wooded to quite a height, but sometimes quite barren. In crossing a river you must be content with three ropes for a bridge.

You will find the streets of the towns to be simply stairs cut out of the rock, and see the houses rising in tiers. The pathways into Thibet, among these mountains, are mere tracks by the side of foaming torrents. Often, as you advance, you will find every trace of the path swept away by the failing of rocks and earth from above. Sometimes you will find posts driven into the mountain side, upon which branches of trees and earth are spread. This forms a trembling foothold for the traveler.

Discussion and Comprehension

  1. Have you eve went on a hike up a mountain.
  2. Imagine you live on a mountain side. Write three paragraphs describing the experience.