Proper Storage and Care of Books

We all have a collection of books that we love. Good storage significantly prolongs the life and usability of the books you love to read. Here are some ways you can keep your books in good condition.

  1. Shelf your books of similar size together. The face of the covers will be supported by the neighbouring books on each side.
  2. Regularly dust your books.
  3. Keep the books away from vents and radiators.
  4. Protect the books from direct light of all kinds or intense sunlight.
  5. Store your books in a cool environment. The relative humidity of attics, or even basement, can severely damage the books.
  6. Place your books upright, straight up, not leaning in the bookshelf. You can also lay book flat. Just don’t let it lean.

Now, when you remove a book from the shelf you should take good care when handling books. Taking proper care involves you do the following:

  1. Handle books with clean hands.
  2. Clean the area you will be using and keep food and drinks away from the book.
  3. Remove a book from the shelf by gripping on both sides while pushing in any neighbouring book. Do not tug at the spine.
  4. Do not force a book to lie open.
  5. Do not use paper clips or fold the pages of a book to bookmark it.
  6. Do not use rubber bans or self-adhesive tape or glue on books.