Poem – Someone by Walter de la Mare

About the Poet

Walter de la Mare, a renowned British poet, has captivated readers for over a century with his imaginative and evocative works. Born in 1873, de la Mare’s literary career spanned several decades and encompassed a wide range of genres, including poetry, prose, and children’s literature. His poetry, in particular, has stood the test of time, with many of his works still being celebrated and studied today. Among his many acclaimed pieces,

The Poem – “Someone”


Someone” stands out as one of de la Mare’s most beloved and influential poems. This hauntingly beautiful piece showcases de la Mare’s skillful use of language and vivid imagery, earning him a place in the pantheon of great poets.

by Walter de la Mare

Someone came knocking
At my wee, small door;
Someone came knocking,
I’m sure — sure — sure;
I listened, I opened,
I looked to left and right,
But nought there was a-stirring
In the still, dark night;
Only the busy beetle
Tap-tapping in the wall,
Only from the forest
The screech owl’s call,
Only the cricket whistling
While the dewdrops fall,
So I know not who came knocking,
At all, at all, at all.

Video of the poem – Someone

Printables and Activities

Poem and questions


  1. Draw and colour a “good friend or relative”.
  2. Write the words that rhyme.
  3. What is the rhyming pattern for this poem?
  4. Write an example of three descriptive languages in the poem?
  5. Give an example of a vivid imagery the poet uses in the poem?