Literary Device Game

Can you name the literary devices below? This game test your understanding of similes, metaphors and personifications. Play this game in class or with your family. This game can be played in groups or individuals.

How to play this game

You will need: to assign someone to roll a dice and record the score. For every correct answer you get 1 point. For every incorrect answer you lose 2 points. There are some Avatars or Clipart Symbol that has the ability to change their look by the roll of a dice. Once this happens, the person gets another chance to roll the dice again.

Select an Avatar or Clipart Symbol below. Your Avatar or Clipart Symbol will reveal your questions for this game. Next roll the dice to select a number for the question. Missing numbers means you have to skip your turn. If you cannot answer within 1 minutes you lose your turn until another rounds. The group or individual with the most correct answers win.

When you identify the figure of speech, identify the words that indicate the figure of speech. Should game should be done with someone who fully understands the above figures of speech.

Avatar or Clipart Symbol:

Captain A
Slapping Guitar
Iron man
Sweet Heart
Staring Owl
Jim Brown