How to write a letter

A letter is written, type, or printed communication sent via mail or post in an envelope between two parties. It can be formal or informal.

An informal letter are written or typed personal letter that contain personal information. It is a written conversation generally between friends, acquaintances, and family. A social letters are informal.

An formal letter follows a strict protocol. They are professional in nature. Business , official letters, employment letters, circular letters are formal letters. they must follow a structure and pattern of formalities.

Thus before you start writing, identify the type of letter you are writing. This will help you:

  1. Decide how you open and close the letter.
  2. Establish the main intent or purpose of the letter. Therefore, you must get to point as soon as possible.
  3. Be careful of the language you use. You must be polite and considerate. So use polite expressions and civil language.
  4. Decide the length of the letter. Though formal letters should always be precise and short


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