How to have Courage



Synonyms of courage are bravery, valor, bravado.

What Is Courage?

Being brave means doing something that might be scary or risky, or could make you feel bad or sad.

Being brave means having the guts to do something even if it’s scary or could hurt you. It’s like when you climb a really high tree or jump off a big rock into the water. You might feel afraid, but if you’re courageous, you’ll do it anyway!

Let’s begin with a story about courage.


Robert and Henry were going home from school, when, on turning a corner, Robert cried out, “A fight! let us go and see!”

“No,” said Henry; “let us go quietly home and not meddle with this quarrel. We have nothing to do with it, and may get into mischief.”

“You are a coward, and afraid to go,” said Robert, and off he ran. Henry went straight home, and in the afternoon went to school, as usual. But Robert had told all the boys that Henry was a coward, and they laughed at him a great deal.

Henry had learned, however, that true courage is shown most in bearing reproach when not deserved, and that he ought to be afraid of nothing but doing wrong. A few days after, Robert was bathing with some schoolmates, and got out of his depth. He struggled, and screamed for help, but all in vain.

The boys who had called Henry a coward, got out of the water as fast as they could, but they did not even try to help him. Robert was fast sinking, when Henry threw off his clothes, and sprang into the water. He reached Robert just as he was sinking the last time. By great effort, and with much danger to himself, he brought Robert to the shore, and thus saved his life. Robert and his schoolmates were ashamed at having called Henry a coward. They owned that he had more courage than any of them. Never be afraid to do good, but always fear to do evil.


  1. What is courage?
  2. Why was Henry considered a coward by the other boy?
  3. Have you ever been challenged like Henry? How did you show your courage to do what is right?

The Need to Be Courageous

Being brave is super important! It helps us have way more fun and keeps us safe too. Like when you tell your friend you don’t wanna smoke, even though they might not wanna be your buddy anymore. That’s a really brave thing to do!

Every day, we have to deal with big, scary challenges. Sometimes they make us feel all grown up and brave, but other times they make us want to hide under the covers. But guess what? Hiding might seem like a good idea, but it’s not always the best choice. If we hide, we might miss out on showing off how awesome we are, getting stronger and smarter, meeting new friends, and having fun adventures! So let’s be brave and face those challenges head on!

Sometimes, when you’re scared, you gotta be brave and find ways to make it better. This story is all about Lucy and how she beat her fear of the dark.

Being brave means being a good friend. When we tell the truth, even when it’s hard, it makes us really brave. It helps our friends trust us more and makes everyone want to do the right thing. Telling the truth also helps us be more responsible. In this story, a brave little ant stood up to a mean grasshopper and saved all of the other ants from being bullied.

Linking topic: Loyalty

Loyalty and Courage help you become trustworthy. Others feel they can trust you and share their thoughts with you. They know you will always say and do the right thing.

Discussion Question:

Cite at least two benefits of ovecoming one of your fears.

State two benefits for telling the truth.