Elementary Spanish Words for The Weather

The Tropical Weather

In tropical climates the average temperatures are 18 degrees C or 64.4 degrees f or higher year-round. The weather is usually hot. There are two seasons: the wet season and the dry season. The sunlight in the tropics can be intense most times.

El Tiempo (The Weather)

Some words and expressions to learn:

First let’s get familiar with some words.

Note: When it concerns weather, the word “hacer” is usually used to mean “to do” or “to make“. The word “hacer” is used to describe the weather. Example: Hay viento. It is windy.

Note: Another verb “estar“. It means “to be” which is used to talk about anything non-permanent. Example: Está ventoso. It is windy.

Now some more words:

Review this video until you have learnt the words.

Describing the weather in Spanish


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Spanish – Weather Quiz

The Weather in Spanish 1