Synonyms of courage are bravery, valor, bravado.

What Is Courage?

Courage is the willing to do something that could be intimidating or dangerous, or could cause pain or grief.


The Need to Be Courageous

Courage can make our life productive and interesting; it can even protect you from emotional and physical harm. The courage to tell a friend you would not participate in smoking is courageous because your friend might not want to be your friend anymore.

We are always faced with challenges everyday. These challenges could bring out the best or worst in us. We can choose to face these challenges or we can choose to hide from them. Hiding may seem sensible sometimes, but it may keep us back: from showing our true selves, from developing our physical strengths, from learning new things, or meeting new people.

Sometimes you have to find ways to cope with fear and grow in courage. the story below shows how Lucy overcomes her fear of the darkness.

Courage build trust with others. Telling the truth, even when it is difficult to do so, is one way of showing courage. Telling the truth can encourage others to do what is right. Telling the truth helps you and others to act more responsibly. In the story below, the outspoken ant is able to stop the grasshopper from bullying the colony of ants.

Linking topic: Loyalty

Loyalty and Courage help you become trustworthy. Others feel they can trust you and share their thoughts with you. They know you will always say and do the right thing.

Discussion Question:

Cite at least two benefits of ovecoming one of your fears.

State two benefits for telling the truth.