Countries of the Caribbean and its surrounding water bodies


Countries of the Caribbean

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Country and Capitals

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Flags Of The caribbean Region

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Surrounding water bodies of the Countres of the Caribbean

Importance of Our Oceans

The ocean is very important and valuable for our existence. The ocean is part of the water cycle. It removes carbon dioxide from the air and help regulate the Earth’s climate.We rely on the ocean to provide us with food, oxygen, biological commercial products, and even jobs. It also helps us get around

Pearls are taken from living oysters and used to make jewellery.
Decomposing shells and corals make sands that is used as a building material.

It even affords us recreational enjoyment: swimming, fishing, scuba diving, boating and water skiing.

Scuba divers

Human Impact

Human beings interact with the ocean and so will definitely affect it. The resources of the ocean is not infinite. The fish stocks could be reduce drastically if we overfish. We could affect the animals in the oceans because of pollution as well.

Large ships use fishing equipment and tracking technologies to ensure a huge catch.This can result in overfishing. Overfishing can also cause extinction.
Fishing Trawler

Destructive fishing practices can reduce the fish population and harm the marine environment. Bottom trawling can damage corals and kill other marine animals. This act kills animals unnecessarily. Trawling can also cause overfishing and the general depletion of biological diversity.

Polluton, intentinal or not, affect marine life. Pollution may be in the form of sewerage, industrial run-off, heavy metals form mining and other sources.
Oil spills could kill large amounts of fish.


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