Basic Money Skills You Should know


The Value of money

When we say money we are referring to the medium of exchange, such as coins, bank notes, currency notes. Money is used to pay for goods and services. When you go to the shop to buy a snack, you need money, the medium of exchange, to buy the snack.

The value (price) for the snack is paid with money. In Trinidad and Tobago, we use the TT dollar, in the Eastern Caribbean the currency is referred to as the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). The XCD is the currency for Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, The Grenadines and Saint Vincent, and Montserrat. The other countries have their own currency.

The value of money is how much it is worth.

The value of each coin is shown on each coin.
The value of this dollar is one dollar.
The value of this bill is fifty dollars.

The skills of counting money is a form of mental computation and/or compound skip-counting.

Recognizing the coins (specifically in Trinidad and Tobago)

Note: that the one cent coin in Trinidad and Tobago is no longer legal tender July 3, 2018.

The following exercises focuses on coin recognition, counting the values of coins, identifying the equivalents of coins, and making change.


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