Art and Craft

Get creative! Enjoy drawing, painting, and building things? This is the page for you to boast your creativity. Click on the links to see more.


Drawing Animals

Terrific ideas to draw animals.

More ideas for kids.

Basics in Drawing: Light and Shadow

We use light and shadow to define the object we are drawing. Shading helps the artist show the flat image as 3-dimensional.

Continue practicing!

Draw an Insect

Drawing insects could be fun while you learn the various body parts. How many insects can you name? Here are two videos showing you how to draw an ant and a bee.

Steps on how to draw an ant.

Drawing from an 1-Point Perspective

Steps on how to draw a Bee.

Drawing in perspective is fun! In perspective drawing parallel lines have a single vanishing point. Observe the lines in the picture below. Also, observe things closer are larger and things further away are smaller.

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Drawing lines are similar. Practice drawing lines of your own.

Now, for the interior of a room.

This third video is a bit more challenging. After much practice, this is a good one to try.

Crafty Ideas

Make different crafts from everyday objects.

Needle Book

Begin your sewing experience by making your own needle book. A needle book is a small book used to keep needles. Other things can be kept in it as well, such as buttons, thread, etc. Here is how you can make your own needle book.