Anthology of Poems

An anthology is a collection of poems from various poets. Some poems are long and some are short. Most are poets from centuries ago, and were meant to show love of nature, teach children about the world around them, and share with others their ideas about life. The poems are general and children can learn a lot from them while they learn a little about the poet themselves. We hope you enjoy this collection.

Poems by Author


Alfred Joyce
Alfred Tennyson
Allen Poe
Cecil Francis Alexander
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Emily Dickson
Eugene Field
Francis William Bourdillion
George Copper
George Pope Morris
Henry Wadsworth Long
John Burroughs
John Drinkwater
John Greenllead Whittier
Johm Masefield
Kate L Brown


Robert Browning
Robert Frost
Rudyard Kipling


Walter de la Mare
William Wordsworth
Robert Frost

Poems by Title

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