Writing Sentences

Every sentence must begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

Example: Milo rides a bicycle.

Always check what you have written. Every sentence should make sense. Thus the order in which we arrange words in a sentence should make sense. Changing words around changes the meaning of the sentence.

Example: Milo rides a bicycle. A bicycle rides Milo.

Types of Sentences

There are four main types of sentences you can write.

An interrogative (question) sentence ask something.

Example: Is that Milo’s bicycle?

An Imperative sentence gives an order or command or request to someone to do something.

Example: Please, ride carefully.

An Exclamatory sentence shows that the speaker feels strongly about something. It is usually followed by an exclamation.

Example: What a beautiful bike!

A Declarative sentence is a statement that tells us something.

Example: Milo has a bicycle.

Here are some worksheets.