Land Use


  1. Types of Land Use
  2. Pollution
  3. Rural and Urban Settlement

Here is an parcel of land. How should we use it? We can place a school, or a community centre, or a home for the elderly, or a mall, or a factory, or even a play field. Perhaps it can be used as farm land. What would you do with this parcel of land?

You will use that parcel of land according to your basic need. We use land around us to satisfy our basic physiological needs: food, water, shelter or enjoyment.

We use land for mainly farming, grazing, forestry, wildlife, tourism, urban development, transport infrastructure, and other means. Therefore, land has three main purposes, they are : residential, commercial and industrial land.

Land use concerns the way land is managed and changed for the human population. Land use is defined as: “the total of arrangements, activities, and inputs that people undertake in a certain land type.”

Types of Land Use

Land use refers to what can be built on the land or what the land can be used for. It means that we purposely determine what sort of activities will be undertaken on the land. We will focus on common uses of land. They are recreational, transport, agricultural, residential and commercial.


Land can be used as a space where you enjoy a number of activities such as a play field for athletes, a swimming pool, park for relaxation or exercise, and a school playground for children. Some city and town planners include land for recreational purposesin their blueprints. This makes sure people have a place to go and enjoy some of their favourite activities.


We need to get around, and so land is set aside for roads, highways, airports, train stations and subway stations.


We need to eat to survive. Agricultural land is used for farming, ranches, and pastures. Farmers need land for crops and their livestock.


We need land to build our homes, apartments, complexes, and single family homes. Where homes are, you will also need to consider the community needs for schools, parking lots, police stations, libraries, etc.


Land is used for commercial means. Land is set aside for businesses, warehouses, shops and any other infrastructures related to commerce. Land is used to build office buildings, restaurants, shops and other businesses.