Reducing Pollution

Pollution is everyone’s problem. For this reason we must do our part to reduce pollution and become involve in recycling trash. Trash is recycled so it is useful again. You can recycle glass, aluminum cans, plastic, paper.

Governments can also help in this. They can pass laws that limit the amount and type of chemical factories and agribusiness use. Governments can encourage power plants to use filters when burning their coal. They can stop people and businesses from illegally dumping pollutants in the land, in the water, and in the air. They can also force polluters to pick up their trash.

Some governments come together to form agreements to limit pollution.

The Kyoto Protocol is a United Nation agreement to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. It was signed by 191 countries.

The Cartagena Protocol is another agreement that covers the marine environment and all aspects of marine pollution (from ships, dumping, sea-bed activities, and land-based activities) of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and the areas of the Atlantic ocean.

However, these agreements and others like it are encouraging a cleaner environment. There are still other countries with growing economies and with it a growing pollution. We see that all countries need good environmental, political, and economic leadership in order to reduce pollution worldwide.

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