Myself and Others


  1. Anger Management Skills
  2. Clarity and Confidence in Speech
  3. Physical Appearance

I am a person. I am like the friends. We are alike, yet different in many ways. I live with my family. We live in a community of people. Our community is part of a greater part, the country. The country is part of the world. I and my friends are human beings all part of this great big world. We have human bodies.

We come into the world in much the same way. Some of us may be special. Somethings are not easy for some of us to do. However, we all love, laugh, cry, grow, get excited, feel angry, feel afraid, do kind things, and do bad things. The world is there for us to explore and enjoy with our minds and body.

Look into the mirror. It will help you learn a lot about yourself.