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Word List:

Sound the words below on your own. Then listen to the words in the audio clip below. Don’t forget to write the words in your notebooks. When you are done, read the poem below.

busy, mischief, looked, unto, glee, contriving, ringlets, noddle, drew, nun, pressing, fingers, carpet, wise, lips, embrace, ponder, lashes, climb, true


“What are you good for, my brave little man?
Answer that question for me, if you can,—
You, with your fingers as white as a nun,—
You, with your ringlets as bright as the sun.
All the day long, with your busy contriving,
Into all mischief and fun you are driving;
See if your wise little noddle can tell
What you are good for. Now ponder it well.”

Over the carpet the dear little feet
Came with a patter to climb on my seat;
Two merry eyes, full of frolic and glee,
Under their lashes looked up unto me;
Two little hands pressing soft on my face,
Drew me down close in a loving embrace;
Two rosy lips gave the answer so true,
“Good to love you, mamma, good to love you.”

Emily Huntington Miller.


What do you think the following words mean? Use the pictures to help you.