Lesson 2.6

  1. Word List 1
  2. Word List 2
  3. Word List 3
  4. Word List 4
  5. Word List 5
  6. Word List 6
  7. Word List 7
  8. Word List 8
  9. Word List 9
  10. Word List 10
  11. Word List 11
  12. Word List 12
  13. Word List 13
  14. Word List 14
  15. Word List 15
  16. Word List 16

2.61 Word List

These boys and girls live near the sea. They have been to the beach. It is now evening, and they are going home. John, who sits on the front seat, found some pretty shells. They are in the basket by his side. Ben White is driving. He holds the lines in one hand, and his whip in the other.

Robert has his hat in his hand, and is looking at the horses. He thinks they are very lazy; they do not trot fast. The children are not far from home. In a little while the sun will set, and it will be bedtime. Have you ever been at the seaside? Is it not good sport to watch the big waves, and to play on the wet sand?


sun is setting
horse trots fast

You will need a pencil, eraser, and a notebook.