Habitat Changes

All parts of the ecosystem are connected. One part changes, and it affects the rest of the system. Each part of the habitats are generally not always the same.

In the spring and summer, plants emerge and grow; as it gets colder, many plants die off, lose their leaves, and many go dormant until the next seasonal growing period.
Extinct animals.
Some species disappear, and others take its place.

Here is a video about one of the above animals, the Tasmanian Tiger.

Placing a road through areas, or a building changes habitats and affect the biodiversity.

Note: Biodiversity – describes the many different species that share one habitat.

When biodiversity is threaten, there you will see the effects on the environment. Habitats change over time. Some main causes are:

  1. A violent event;
  2. Gradual changes that occur over millennia such as climate change;
  3. Weather pattern changes;
  4. Human activities cause changes; and
  5. The introduction of alien species can have devastating effect on native wildlife.
Violent events are volcano, earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, and change in oceanic currents
Human activities affect the environment.

Below is a video on factors that cause changes in a habitat. Take your notes.

The introduction of alien species can have devastating effects on native wildlife. The Lion fish was introduced into the sea waters of the Caribbean. This species is an addition predator for the local fish in that habitat.

Is it Worth Saving the Species?

Discussion question

Observe a habitat close to you. Review the essential components of the habitat: food, water, shelter, and space. How have human activity affect it?