Food Chains and Food Webs


  1. What is a Food Chain
  2. Autotrophs and Producers
  3. Heterotrophs and Consumers
  4. Decomposers
  5. Trophic Levels
  6. Construction of a Food Web and Food Chain

What is a Food Chain?

The Food chain represent the flow of energy and nutrients from one organism to another through the ecosystems. The food chain is a representation of who eats whom relationship. The food chain show a linear pathway. In reality, we cannot always show this in one linear pathways, because some organisms have several food sources.

This boy is eating a hamburger. One linear pathway to show this would be:
grass –> cow –> human.
However, the boy also has vegetables in his hamburger. Another linear pathway is:
lettuce –> human; or tomato –> human

A food web consists of many intersecting food chains and represents the different things an organism can eat and be eaten by.